09 December 2012

The Holiday Season

As usual, my pictures are all out of order! 
It's been a busy and fun holiday season so far. I am always amazed at how quickly the time flies by! 

Gina and I making Christmas presents! I love being crafty! 

Charlie and I at the Christmas Devotional.

 The whole crew! 

 CUC Christmas Party. I love my co-workers! 


I got a Christmas manicure on my birthday. So cute! Too bad all the glitter polish came off the same day! 

Birthday dinner at Pizza Pie Cafe! I neglected to get a photo, but I was pleased to have so many fun friends come together to celebrate!  

My favorite prank is putting up people's windshield wipers when I see their car. I was very happy when a friend did it back to me! 

Janet and Jeffrey came into town, and we went to eat these delicious crepes! I regret not taking a photo of the three of us, but I think these were more beautiful! 


Our first "Turkey Trot" 5K. I was proud of everyone for doing so well! 

One of my two turkeys. I am so domestic!

I sure do love these folks!
Eric and I went and saw The Killers at UVU. It was a great show! I especially loved the smoke, fireworks and glitter the shot off! 

I thought this was a really cool photo! 

Laura and I got together and watched a Christmas movie and made these cute glitter lights! 

06 November 2012

Becca "Fun" Vikari

These pictures are all out of order, but I wanted to showcase how fun Fall has been!

The run down: Haunted houses (hands -on style!), hiking, ziplining, parties, pumpkins, GARTH BROOKS, Las Vegas, BYU football, General Conference, crafts, scary movies, alpine slide, group costumes, RSL, Sunday canyon drives, and of course, my favorite people!